Multilayer elements export to EXCEL

Hello ! I need your help! I want to extract all my elements from Revit to Excel, but if I have Multilayer elements, the material linked elements won’t correspond to the extracted element. As shown in the linked picture and so I can’t get a proper extraction. All my element linked parameter will follow the extraction sequence, but all the material linked parameters will not fit to the element. Problem multilayer Is there a possibility to counter this problem? by adding “blank spaces” in form of a loop ? I am not very good at programming.

Can you show your graph?

I did it as an example to show the problematic, so it’s really simple extraction

Number of type and ID same. but the material name not So, you need to verify that. if one floor have multiple material you need group the material by type. try to use group by key node.

I know that , it is because some of my elements have only on material (like on the picture the Yellow and the Green one) and some have more than one material (like on the picture the Blue and Orange one which both have two materials). My goal is to have an extraction like on the right side on this picture:

But , I don’t know how to do it. I tried with the group by keys but I don’t get it.

can you sample file so that i can try?

I’m sorry I can’t send you the file, but I made a small example in which the problematic is the same. I hope it is okay.Project1.rvt (404 KB) test.dyn (12.0 KB)

Can you try from here…


I Think List Chop is not required…

As @_Vijay Show you may get the output as… below.


But the problem is then that I can’t have material linked parameters next to the corresponding material…

as shown on the upper part of the picture,
I would like to have something like the bottom part


Check this…

test.dyn (35.1 KB)


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Thank you ! this is a good possibility to counter the problematic.
Still thinking if there is a possibility to make it more visually easier to understand as shown in my previous picture .