Creating an excel spreadsheet of Walls and their Compound Structure Layers

I have been working on a script to allow me to auto-generate my Assembly tags from the compound structure layers in Revit. I have been able to extract the material ID’s and corresponding names from the Material list. I have also extracted the Material ID’s and compound layer thicknesses from all Assembly types in the Revit file. Now i just need to assign the material name to the corresponding wall material id’s, transpose the data and send to excel. I am so close, but i am a tad braindead at the moment :slight_smile:

Hi @Biminy_Cricket

Are you trying to get Material Name at the end of FamilyTypeCompound… Then all you have to do is feed Material.Name node.


Material name node wasnt reading the materials coming out of the compound structures node. What i am trying to do is map the materials from the project to the available wall compounds. The problem is when i map the list using a “contains” node. The node shows the list exactly as i want it to, but it ignores levels and treats the new mapped list as completely flattened. This prevents me from being able to filter amd associate the material values.

disregard. i got it to work. Was just glitching on me. Good ol’ restart resolved it. I will post the final result when i am done here. I have it feeding into tags as well for detailing :wink:

@Kulkul All is done and seems to work well. It is a good base to start from. The Type Marks are linked to the correct material conventions. Next step will be to force the Material Names generated into our “Wall Assembly” Shared Parameters, which will in turn show in our detail tags.

if you have problems with not getting the material names then I have also nodes covering Compound Structures…I have also a huge range of nodes for materials (+100)

read more here

Thank you this is helps greatly. I will have to run them through a few tests and let you know how it goes.