List excel to revit

I’m trying to get my list from Excel to revit. When i use the node : list.getitem… all i want is to put that list (without the 00000 added by my node stringtoobject) into revit (and without the null values)
Any idea ?

  1. Where do your elements come from… (do they all have that parameter)
  2. How do you know which value corresponds to what element?
  3. And lastly make sure that your parameter takes strings if you’re attempting to feed it strings…

Here what i try (my list comes from an excel table)
Here what i got

What i got is perfect for me, now what i dont understand is that i have an error message on my string.remove

You’re still not showing where your element input looks like…

The error is most likely because you try to remove “7” spaces from the string “null” which is only 4 spaces long… giving an error…

no way to take off my decimals without this error ?

You could go another way… like so: (if you really wan’t some values to be named “null”

Or assuming you always only have integers and never doubles/floats:

You can use String.Split to get rid of the zeros.


why not use python for that? :slight_smile: