Element.Materials+ node (Clockwork) not working


I want to extract the Materials specifications of different categories and I am using Element.Materials+ node from Clockwork. Before it worked for me but now as you see below it doesn’t work. Does anybody know why?

@Mojtaba.vlj You mean you want to view the material or what ?..
For viewing material list you can simply try this!

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Thanks, I want to do QTO and extract the amount of each Material used in the model

Did you ever find a solution to your problem?

I am experiencing the same problem, null for all my materials in area and volume:

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Same here, its able to find materials but not areas.

I disected the node, and tried detached the bottom 6 nodes (see picture) and made a dircet connection between “Code Block” and “ReturnListorSinlgeValue”. It does give me some numbers in Area and Volume, but they are very odd when I compare to the element in the model, so I given up on it for now, and moved on. I tried to read up on the API that makes the node fail, but the explanations make no sence to me.

I used to work in version 2021. So far I can only see more reasons to stay on 2021 than moving to newer versions. Also Autodesk Revit make it worse by removing backward compatibility.

Found a solution to this:
First edit the Element.Materials node:

archi-lab.net package is needed, atleast version 2022.210.1322, I am using 2022.212.3222 in this:

I found it here: https://archi-lab.net/handling-the-revit-2022-unit-changes/