Multi Schedule Export - Title Headers?


Hope you are all well. Hoping for your thoughts and ideas…

Through a tutorial by @GavinCrump (amazing, thank you :+1:) and some tinkering, and many tried and failed attempts from other posts. I have finally managed to get my script to mimic the data that we usually extract with a Macro (needs to be specific, as it feeds into other systems for costing).

Just stuck on getting Schedule Titles into the schedules:
Green box is the current macro export, purple is my Dynamo script.
Just wanting the schedule titles at B2, like the green box…?

Bonus points for file name to show at B1, but not too fussed about that.

Until I learn how to run a macro through Python in Dynamo this is my work around. :thinking:

Script here:
used Crumple package and Archilab-Bumblebee
Export Multiple Schedules.dyn (76.7 KB)

Thanks in advance, appreciate any ideas for the above?

Hi Ann, glad the video helped!

I’d suggest counting the columns in your schedule, then adding that number minus 1 from the view name like below/attached. This way your data remains in a 2D matrix format of equal size in both directions.

pad headers.dyn (17.4 KB)