Schedule won´t Export - Failure exporting schedule

Hi All,

Last week this Dynamo Script was working fine (we´re using Dynamo 1.0.0) but all of a sudden I can´t get it to work. The script allows me to export all schedules that start with a defined string. The Python code it´s not complete mine, I just tweaked it so that the export options would be the ones I need. The original code I found in the dynamo forums.

Export Schedules.dyn (9.5 KB)

This was a great time saver and I´d love to be able to fix it.

May be it has something to do with some security updates in the office network? Or with the old dynamo version?

It´s solved

And how?
I’m looking for a easy way to export a schedule to excel :slight_smile:

I’d like you to ask to share your solution and mark the comment where you do so as solution. Marking a topic as solved doesn’t just serve to show that you don’t need help anymore but also serves to help people (like @xavier.renda) solve their problems.
Thanks in advance!