Multi Input UI, non-pointer error

Continuing the discussion from Data-Shapes Multi Input UI and ModelChecker:

Here is the Dynamo file:

Model checker - All.dyn (29.5 KB)

@Archinecture Change "Lacing to Longest" for “List.IsEmpty” node:

Show me previews for the first half of the script.

Mmm… Interesting. I used Revit 2018 and it works fine from my side.

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@Archinecture Make sure you connect only Geometry Items to Existing Items.


Sure, thank you.

This is the working file in case anyone needs it.

Model checker - All.dyn (31.3 KB)

can anyone point me in teh right direction to obtain this node from archi-lab ( GetDocuments )

I’ve downloaded their library but this node isn’t there

Thanks in advance

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Sometimes the packages get installed incorrectly, I would re-install them and see if that helps