Moving Internal point

I have the following problem: i have over 100 models of one project. We lately found out that our origin point is wrong. I did some research and found out that it is not possible to move the project internal point (PI). I tried to relocate project, move the project base point (PBP) or the survey point (SP), but still then PI stayes the same. This is no go as the clients wants the models for the caleboration with other parties and wants origin to origin (for unknown reason). The only possible way is to move al the elements in 3D and 2D, this can be sensible to errors.

Question: i was wondering if its possible to move the IP through python in Dinamo? if so can anyone help me with this please? Any other suggestions are welcome.


Not that I am aware of.

I am fairly certain that all geometry is located relative to this 0,0,0 point so moving that would effectively move the geometry relative to the distance that point is moved.

I would ask why they need it set up this way so you know why the request is coming. Often it is due to the person making the request not knowing the functions of the PBP and SP, or a hold over workflow from the autocad days. If they really need it get ready to move some geometry around and the many errors and issues which will result.