Move project base point large distance

trying to move a model base point by 812,000,000 but I keep getting this error. I have attached my dynamo script so far
set project base point.dyn (24.4 KB)

That is an inbuilt limit in Revit. Typical practice is to set the PBP coordinates to desired number and use relativity instead of relying on internal origin.

how can I do so maybe shed some light or explain a bit more I read it a couple of times but I was clueless !! thanks for your help as usual

snapshot of code I guess you could explain on it

It has nothing to do with dynamo. You literally can not move the project base point in revit that far away from the model origin as it says.

As far as i know this is a hard programmed constraint. Usually firms will use the specify coordinates tool instead to keep the base point neae the model origin, but move the relative coordinates of the model itself.

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hmmm okay will try to do so :sunglasses::
thanks for help appreciate it really.

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here was a similar issue…

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