Move the Internal Project Origin keeping geometry in same place than before

Hello, is there a way in Revit to move the internal project origin keeping the geometry in same place than before moving it?

I do not want to think that the only solution is moving the entire project things and views, I am open to see alternatives available in the software.

Before Revit 2020 I was able to do it with the clips of project points I guess, but now all gone.

Thats a sensetiv topic… …when you mess up Projectorigin, you can just move all Elements to the desiered place including 2D-Elements.
!Never Ever detach Project Base Point!


@Draxl_Andreas …the best advice :wink:

But a have seen in Dynamo where they actuelly relocate all component…think Orchid package had a way to do that

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You are right, @sovitek.

Link to his blogpost below.

@ruben.romero Read through it carefully before you apply :wink:


I would like to know how is possible, thanks

well, I know that option, but I want to avoid it and wanting to do the same without using Dynamo magic move, also that script is not complete as many other type of elements would not be moved, then so dangerous operation

I guess you should really post this at the Revit Help Forum then :wink:

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then its only manuel move !!!

I saved again and again 3D and 2D Elements and saved the sets.
finally i moved it!
I had this nightmare in a sofistcaded project 6 years ago. The file never healed from this process completly! but we were able to deliver! We had a dislocation of 5m.
How to solve in dynamo you should test Orchid packages…




is stilll the best advice here…hehehe

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Moving elements is the only way to do so - manually or via Dynamo. And yes, it will almost certainly break stuff.

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@jacob.small - Just got to Ware Malcomb - have the same issue on several projects shifting to a requirement for alignment on the “Internal origin”. I found this on Orchid but haven’t tried it yet:

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Not advice from before still holds:

Ideally you don’t move stuff relative to the project origin, as things like views (or the stuff they contain) tend to get nuked as you can’t do it all in one transaction. If done early and you don’t care about sheets/views too much, then it’s fairly easy but it’s likely quicker to link the file into a new .rvt, set the location, and bind it. Then generate new views/sheets as needed.

Preachin’ to the choir brother ; )

I am emphasizing it in all the projects (I can get ahead of) to start exactly on the internal origin! All “my” “Core templates” has that (A)(1) ‘starter’ grid on that location. “Do it right the first time” will be the mantra moving forward.

Meantime we have old projects ideally we currently cannot /save-as/ to start our templates for that one previously invisible and seemingly innocuous little origin point. :man_facepalming:t3:

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