Move duplicated flooplans to new Browser folder

Hi All

I have compiled a rule that duplicates my generic floorplan four times and gives each one a specific new name.

Can anyone advise how to land these in a new folder within the browser using dynamo nodes or python?

Currently, I have to

  • select all
  • Edit type
  • Duplicate
  • Create New name, then it moves as per image 2


Looks like your browser is sorted by view type so you’d need to set the view types to them after creation. Assuming you can collect them by matching specific names of types that exist, the element.setparameterbyname should be able to set a view’s type using the ‘Type’ parameter I think.

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You might want to look up the Browser organisation in Revit. Your browser can be grouped by any view/sheet parameter, so in Dynamo it suffices to assign that parameter (if you need to do it in Dynamo at all).
Right click the browser go to brower organisation then grouping and sorting.