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Hi everyone.

I need make a program to optimize the workflow in Revit, using Dynamo. The program need to Select all Views (browser views) and read the Family Type parameter, that we maked a custom (“Floor Plan: Ea_CP” or “Floor Plan: Ea_EX” and more 4 options), to fill other custom parameter “Pasta” with the lasted two letters from Family Type. The “Pasta” Parameter need to fill with CP, EX, PL, or DE, according with Family Type, to organize in the View Browser.

What is the better way for make this?

Hi @acoimbraf

First and foremost, please drop the rvt file. So that it will help others who is trying to help you. Second share what you have tried so far? images, script? Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi guys,
I’m sorry for don`t attach nothing, I’m fixing that right now. Thanks for answer so fast.

The first image contains a new file with using the EA+’s template (the .rvt file attached).

The frame 01 the browser is organized by default.
The frame 02 show the Family And Type that I need for the program to recognize and do the change in the Pasta Parameter (frame 03)
The second image show the order that I need to do, automatically. In the moment that the PASTA (folder in Portuguese) parameter is filled, Revit remake the order in browser view.

The third image show a sequence node that I did try, but it din`t worked.

I’m new Dynamo’s user, I did see the Think Parameters tutorials (by @Konrad_K_Sobon) and others tutorials in internet, but this is the better that I can do, for now. (@Organon, I really want to learn to use dynamo, not for u to do my job. By the way, thanks for the fast answer)
The last image contain the logical that I think it would work, but I don’t know how can I do this.

.RVT File >



How can I attach 4 images on one reply?

Send on here the second image

Guys, I’m close to do that work!

I can do the filter by parameter Family and Type, but the dynamo show a warning on Elemente.SetParameterName, look the screenshot:

The message in the frame 01 didn’t prevent the function of the programe, but the nodes in the frame 02 didn’t work :frowning2:

Is this way the better way to make this?