Reorganizing project browser using dynamo

Currently I have series of sheet which have sheet number in the format of XXX-### and I am trying to reorganize the project browser specifically for the Discipline parameter of “ARCHITECTURE” so that it sort those sheet list by the last 3 number while ignoring the first 4 value. Attached is the script I have so far, it run fine but the project browser remain unchanged, what would i need to change to fix it? Or am I wrong to think that its possible for dynamo to sort the project browser

Dynamo cant change how Revit organizes sheets, this is hard locked. So you can only sort all sheets with one settint. You could make a custom parameter though, sort by that and use Dynamo to write the sorting fields to that parameter.

I think the project browser setting can be copied or transferred from other revit project file then set it on the current project, but it looks silly task to try

Yes but you’re still limited by how the settings ultimately are configurable in Revit itself.

You need to set up the Browser sorting / group to use the parameter values you then use Dynamo to Copy / Set on each view.

For example, the RDG Sheet Series is a shared parameter applied to Sheets category.

This provides sorting that looks like this.

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