Move and rotate an IFC Linked file to the Revit base point using python

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a wonderfull day.

I would like to know how to move a IFC file and rotate it at the same time to my project base point in Revit with a python node. The problem here is that I am receiving an IFC coming from Tekla, and the BIM team of the tekla department are using a different ProjectBasePoint.
I have done some workaround with a clockwork node called “Element.CopyByVector” trying to add the term “ElementTransformUtils.MoveElement” previous to the line “ElementTransformUtils.RotateElement” to the code, but with no success.
The idea is to translate the IFC element from the tekla project base point to mine revit project base point (i need a point for this (INT[3]), and then rotate with an angle (INT[2]), through a vector Z to correct the rotation of my RevitAngleToTrueNorth)
I will attach here the code that I have created so far just in case you guys could bring me some light to this (I have spent one entire day trying to solve it).

Thank you in advance.

ElementMoveByVectorRotateByDegrees.dyf (4.3 KB)

Hi @dajesuss,

You could use the Element SetLocation and the Element SetRotation nodes of the Genius Loci package for this task if you now the correct location point of the link.

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Hi @Alban_de_Chasteigner !
thanks for your reply. I have used the Element.SetLocation of the Genius Loci package. It is very usefull and I didnt know about the existance of this node.
Unfortunatelly the combination of both nodes doesnt work for me (I dont know from which point is the node Element.SetRotation doing the rotation)
I have used a combination of the node Element.SetLocation and a python script, but my idea is to have both operations in one unique script.
Thank you anyway!