Rotate CAD/Import Instance

Hello, I’m trying to rotate a linked cad file in revit through dynamo with little success.
The ootb nodes aren’t working and I’ve found a few snippets of python code during a search on the forum but haven’t had any success.

My plan is to:
1 - Unpin
2 - Rotate 90°
3 - Move X Dir
4 - Move Y Dir
5 - Pin

Unfortunately I’ve hit a roadblock at step 2.

I have to link cads into multiple levels all with the same incorrectness so hope dynamo can help.

Does anyone know how to achieve this?


I would recommend to avoid that. Can you not prepare your data before? and store your dwgs in a .rvt container file.



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Hi @ymmijreglob,

You can use for the Element SetLocation and Element SetRotation custom nodes of the Genius Loci package for this task.

Thanks for your responses, @Draxl_Andreas I’ve used container files in the past but this is a legacy project with much baggage and we need the ability to query lines in the current model. That led me to either dynamo or an autocad solution.

Exactly what I was looking for @Alban_de_Chasteigner, thanks again. I got it working in 2021 and 2022 (FYI, in 2023, the Element SetLocation node doesn’t work. It only shows the preview point of the movement).

Here’s the solution I used for anyone searching in the future.