How to rotate linked Revit file around its project base point

Hi all I am trying to rotate the linked file around its project base point but I am not able to find the center of rotation point so that I can rotate it by placing the centre of rotation at its linked project base point and rotate by some angle.

Can anyone please tell me how to rotate by placing centre of rotation at project base point by some amount of angle ?


Can you show me the output of the List.ItemAtIndex+ Node?
Did you try to use the flatten node between the index node and rotation node?

Hi @jw.vanasselt have successfully attached revit models into the current project.

Now I want to rotate the link and move the link in z direction by some amount. So Here I was trying to use the nodes from genious loci but they are not working properly.

I want to rotate by its project point and move in z direction by some amount without changing the location of the linked model. Can you please tell me how to do that ?


I think this is a level issue. You need to use flatten between the index node and set rotation.
After that you can create a new point and set the location of you’re link instance.

See image below, it’s works fine by me.

Yeah it also works for me but it is getting shifted to another position. I want to rotate around its project base point only, keeping project base point of linked file as center of rotation and then I want to rotate.

couldnt it just help aquire the coordinates…not sure what the workflow is here

See this is what I want @jw.vanasselt @sovitek

Keeping project base point as center of rotation

I get what you mean.
I tried it in my model and came to the conclusion that it rotates from 0,0,0 by default.

What you need to do is check the position of project base point.

Rotate your model and move it later to the difference between your project basepoint and the 0,0,0 coordinates