Move a point from the linkelement.location node

Hi guys,

I’m trying to move a point that Dynamo gets from the Linkelement.location node. I would like to move it to the right or left.

I thought I could do it with the nodes in the screenshot, but it is not making a new point.

What am I doing wrong?


Use Geometry.Translate (Geometry, direction, distance) node to move it. You should know the direction and for that using the right vector.

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Thanks, that did the trick! :grin:

Okay, not completely solved. At one side of my building it goes well, but at the other side it doens’t.

My goal is to get all the points at the outside line of the wall (like the first picture).

Can you try that?

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It’s doing the same again in my script. It looks like it’s getting the faceorientation of only one element or so?

That is right. You should match all vectors to all points. So delete IN[0] after vector.rotate and connect Vector.Rotate direct to geometry.translate.

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Aaah, thankyou. That did it!

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