Invisible Shared parameters

Hello Dear professionals,
Could you please advise why dynamo via an Orchid Node gets 1327 shared parameters

I would like to delete them and I can not do it

while in revit I can see only around 15

Revit 2017 file is attachedSIGNAGE TEMPLATE.rvt (3.5 MB)

Is the node reading the Shared Parameter File attached to your project and not just the ones added to your project?

no, I have only the project file

What if you hit the remove?

nothing happens. Like its blocked. I tried with different nodes including Archilab Element.Delete

I mean in the Revit Environment.

I think these are the system parameters. Like “comments”…you can’t delete them, but u can use them for labeling…

Shared parameters like Sofistik_A in picture below, are used by Revit plug-in, some are system parameters and if you delete them, next time you open your Revit, plug-ins and Revit itself is going to generate them again.

Hi @m.shcheblykin,

The Document.ProjectParameters node of Clockwork doesn’t return the same result.

It seems more consistent with what is displayed in Revit.
You have only 4 invisible shared parameters.

The parameter elements usually can be deleted.

thanks for your reply.
looks like orchide was designed for something else

If you want to know what those parameters are you check their names and param groups. Some might be from within the families and may not allow to delete.
Filter out with isVisible parameter and delete the once you want to delete

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