I’ve just been watching >> 11 - Dynamo Graph Annotations - YouTube

and it shows you how to alter your monocle settings…

I want to alter my text size as I’m too old to read 24 point :stuck_out_tongue:

However, when I go to the folder the only item is this:

Which contains this:


Any suggestions of where else I should look (have also looked in core.)

As a first step, make sure your monocle is up to date, things have changed a lot in that package over the years.

It doesn’t like the later versions.
Other people at work have the same issue

The settings are in the extra folder. In the latest versions.

And yes. Please update your monocle.

The latest version of monocle works in revit 20-23 (at least maybe further back).

The size setting is for groups you create after the change though and doesn’t modify existing ones.


I’m in Revit 2021… if I try to use the most up to date monocle it stops working.

Stops working how?? We need more information than that.

Also, the MonocleSettings.xml is quite a bit newer of a feature and you probably don’t have that because you’re on an older version.

Monocle loads fine for me on Revit 2021 and quite a few others.

Here’s monocle loading on revit 2020 for me too.

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And loading in revit 2021

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Yeah, sorry, crappy explanation. I had covid and wasn’t really with it!

I had the 3 GD packages in my normal package folder. I took those out and removed monocle.

Reinstalled and now I get a change of doge each time :melting_face:
And other stuff :smiley:

So seems there was a clash with the GD packages.


Glad to see you are back. Hope you are feeling better!



So I finally got round to changing the settings…

There still don’t seem to be any setting in the first one.
But I changed 24 to 36 in the Monocle settings



Now when I use the custom coloured grouping I get 36. But if I use the eyedropper thingy (snip below) it still gives me 24 font.

Is there a way to alter this?

This is for R21

Hmm, I will have to take a look. But I am betting I missed that being connected to the menu.