Monocle request

In my Dyno I have some groups. Yay! :slight_smile:
But a week later I realise I’ve used the wrong colour. Boo. :frowning:

With the OOTB colours I can change them. But I can’t seem to do this with my Monocle colours.

Could this feature be added pls @john_pierson

EDIT: Well… I can click on the group and click the colour in custom grouping window… But it then changes another group :open_mouth:

Yes. That’s a long-standing bug that I haven’t quite figured out yet. :sweat_smile:

Let me see what I can do.

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But I want it nooooowwww :stuck_out_tongue:

For now, I think you could transform the colors by editing the group colors in a text editor. Once you get that working in a manual method you can try automating the transform in a file using a DYN, and then bulk transform many files via DYN…

Ah, it’s not a bulk thing I was talking about (this time).

It’s when I’ve put something in a “Input” group but it should be in a “Output” group kinda thing.

A few groups at most… I can un-group and re-do it but it’s annoying.


I believe i have fixed it.

Check out the GIF below. I am going to push this to the Package Manager shortly.



Whoooo!!! Yeah :slight_smile:
Just for R23 or will it work in older issues?

It should work on Revit 2021-2023

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Whooo!! Thank you :slight_smile:

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