Monocle - Package Usage Doge Reporting Incorrect Package Versions

Hi there!
First of all, thank you Andydandy for the update to Clockwork!

I recently installed the latest Clockwork 2x package and was running through my graphs to see how they react to the latest update. I also use Parallax’s Package Usage Doge add-in to auto label the custom nodes in my graphs (super handy btw). What I realized is that the nodes coming from the Clockwork 2.x have have the same version as the old Clockwork 1.x package installation.

**Clockwork v.2018.4.301

I thought, maybe just the new nodes would have a new version tag, so I added one of the new nodes and ran the Package Usage Doge again. Even the new node was read as the old version of **Clockwork v.2018.4.301. I guess I was expecting the update would be read as 2.1.1 or the date of 2019.01.06.

Does this sound right to you guys? Again, thanks for the update and look forward to the reply!


I imagine it is on my end within the Package Usage Doge utility. Let me investigate and get back to you

Yep, you have brought a major issue to my attention. I will be pushing an update to the package manager shortly.


Thanks for the support @john_pierson !

Had fun and learned a lot at your AU classes last Nov too.



Thanks for the kind words @Anthony_Harwood!

Here is the updated version of the package now


Thanks for the quick update Sir. Works great!