Modifying Bim Guru Door threshold and room boundary node

Hello there,

I have an older version of the Aussie Bim Guru’s floor by room boundary using Data-shapes that works great for what I need it for. He has a new video out that includes the door thresholds and I have tried integrating that into the script but when activated, it doesn’t create the floors. There are no errors that pop up except for the boolean that raises the floor or not which didn’t affect creating the floor before, but I am confused as to why it is not working now. It will show the floor boundary but it will not create the actual floor. What has happened here?

Floors by Room_script.dyn (90.2 KB)

The most common cause for this is list structure going into the floor creation node.

It requires the structure of the data to be…

A list
… Of Lists…
… Of Lists…
…Of Curves

Effectively each sublist at the highest level corresponds to a floor to be created, and that floor can be made up of any number of curveloops (lists of curves). The node wont work if you are sending in a list of curves at the highest or second level, or an uneven list depth/structure per floor.

Okay, my understanding of lists is still really shaky. How do I found the right node that is generating at the wrong list level? Does that have anything to do with the bottom portion of the nodes where it reads @3 @2 @1? Is that the level at which the list is at?

Okay, I know I just asked that question , but as I was messing around with the nodes I found that the last node needed to be set at Lv2.

(Don’t mind the warning in the image, I was testing something else out)

I still don’t fully understand why that node specifically needed to have its levels adjusted.

Also, the offset boolean seems to not be working anymore. It comes up with a warning that the input requires a Revit.Element.Element, String but is using bool, string. Why does this not work anymore?

Definitely a list structure issue, below works for me including offset. Try to preserve the structure a room.finishboundary node generates.