Modify the names of parameters in a family


I am Frédéric. I begin with Dynamo from 2 months ans it is à real pleasur. I woud like to do that.

I have in a family 4 parameters (types) in French.

Longueur, (mètres)

largeur, (mètres)

NomDeLaFamille (texte)

Nombre (number)

And I want to transform the names of these parameters like that:





It’s ok to change the values of parameters but I cant find to change the names of parameters.

Is there a solution with dynamo?

Thanks a lot for your answers and also for your topics

And sorry for the translation.


Did you ever find a solution Frederic, i am hitting the same problem


It doesn’t appear to be possible to change parameter names via Revit’s API (so, it follows, not via Dynamo either). A parameter’s properties such as their name are found in its Definition. Below is a link to the InternalDefinition class in Revit’s API docs.

If a property is editable, it would have shown get; and set; - in this instance an InternalDefinition’s Name is just get; which means it is read-only.

The Revit API gets expanded / updated with every new release. It’s possible to suggest new ideas to Revit for future releases of the product here:

Hi Arno,

It depends on the context from which you want to change the parameter names. If it is from within the Family Editor then it is quite easy. I even made a node for that (MEPover package): image

If it’s from within a project then you would have to open the family in the background, run the above node (or its python content), save and then reload that into the project.

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Thank you very much for your answer.
I will test your node tomorrow. Its wonderfull.
Good nigth