How to Rename Family Parameter (Export and Import Excel)


I Would Like to rename parameters of a Revit family using Dynamo, I’m a beginner but following some lessons I re-created a script to export-import Rooms parameter of a project with Excel support.

Now I’m trying do similar things with family: I would rename some parameter so the idea is
from the famly editor:
1-make a list of the names of the parameters
2-export to excel
3-in excel replace name
4-from excel import new name replacing old parameters

Who can Help me? Anyone already has resolved somenthing like that?

After this, the solution works also for shared parameter?


Have a look at these topics:

Not sure if I understand exactly what you are trying to do.

If you want to batch edit families, then I can’t be of much help.
If you need parameters which conform to a BIM spec, then maybe having a ‘reporting’ parameter would work. (Reporting in the sense that it is just reading another parameter, I.e. through a formula.)

Depending on which category(ies) the parameter is required, maybe it could be done with a project parameter which receives the information at intervals/submissions. (Be wary of non string information which needs to be applied to groups!

Otherwise, there are some cheap add ins which might suit your needs. Rushforth tools and kiwicodes might have something useful.