Set parameterbyname bug dynamo 1.1

Hi all
I have create a parametric mass family with some parameters and I am triying to change them in Dynamo…but it is impossible…I don´t know why it deletes some of the familys when i change the parameters in dynamo…I add the Dynamo file



I use revit 2017 and dynamo 1.1
As you can see in the parameter “Altura” is null the list…i don´t undestand why…

Thanks in advance¡

@JAVIER_FQG Make this crude alteration and see if it works…

tHX @Vikram_Subbaiah as allways helping me :smiley: I gonna try and i will write…u reccomend me that when i want to change multiple parameters in a family do it this way or is just to try something different?
Thnak u so much, I will write soon with the test result¡

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If you look at other discussions on the forum you will find efficient alternatives to repeating the Set Parameter node while assigning multiple parameters.

However in this case of yours, I suspect you’ll need to change parameters in sequence. Not sure, so just want you to try. :slight_smile: