Modelling facades from excel file

Hallo everybody,

please i have this problem, i have point coordinate panels: x,y,z in my excel sheet…how can i modelling my facade panels?

i try to apply the method described in this tutorial
but it don´t work.

Thank you

This is what i have done without sucess

Check this out:

Thank you for this guideline, now i am looking from those point to create panels…someone have any idea?
Thank you

You can use the points to place an adaptive component in Revit. Or you can create a solid based on the points with a direction from the normal of a plane and a distance (though with 4 points you can’t be guaranteed of a single plane).


Thank you

Hallo could please show me and example? i am trying without sucess

@HAOPI Seems like the issue is that you’re using Dynamo Studio. Adaptive Components and the associated nodes will only work on Dynamo for Revit.