Making Revit Views and Sheet Layouts in Dynamo

I have a list of points which generate triangles and quads. I plugged these points into the ‘panel reconstitute.dyn’ file to populate my revit model with a number of adaptive triangles and quads.


Is it possible to generate revit views which are perpendicular to the face of these generic model adaptive triangles/ quads. Can anyone show me how?



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We're all new to this . . . these are great questions and thanks for asking them

Yes, I did use the same node. Please excuse my ignorance as I am new to Dynamoland.

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Did you use the same node you placed for making the triangles as you did for making the quads? Each node keeps track of the elements that it makes, so if you delete a node, it deletes the things it made. If you use the same node to make the quads that you used for tri's, it will "reuse" those elements by making them as quads. You'll need to add a new adaptive component node to preserve both.


I pushed one excel file with triangle vertices (3 side) and used an adaptive component called triangle to reconstitute the panels in revit.

Next I liked an excel file with quad vertices (4 side) and used an adaptive component called quadrilateral and ran the script. It created the new quads but got rid of the triangles and triangle cameras from the last round.

How do I tell dynamo that these panels are in addition to the previous panels/ camera and not to delete the previous round camera/ geometry?


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Your normal offset is pointing in the opposite direction than what you want. You can invert it with a Scale XYZ



The following dyn worked for what I am trying to do. Is there a way for me to feed explicit points for the eye and target locations? The camera seems to be looking at the bottom of the panel.


So, the main problem here is that you are trying to pass a list or xyz points that define a quad to inputs that want a single eye position and a target. you can use a "best fit plane" node to get the center (origin) of each quad, and a normal (an offset position from the panel) for the target.

Ok, I plugged the following into the Axonometric View component (see screen capture). XYZ of a triangle's vertices into the 'extents'. XYZ of the triangle's centroid into the 'target' and XYZ of the triangle's centroid which I offset in the Z axis by 10 mts into the 'eye'.

I have an error "Unable to cast object of type 'List' to type 'Container". Can anyone help me fix this?


I tried the following (see attached screen capture) but the Axonometric View component is throwing and error "Object reference not set to an instance of the object". Can anyone help trouble shoot?