Point Cloud Plane Detection using RANSAC

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Just thought I would chuck this out there for you all to experiment with, as I am looking to inlcude revised point cloud functionality in my next :snowflake: Sastrugi Package :snowflake: update :slight_smile:

This graph takes an input XYZ list of pointcloud points, and sorts them into groups based on the RASAC algorythm, as to define specific planes within the point cloud. This can be handy when defining floors, ceiling, walls, columns, etc, so I am very excited as I bundle some nodes together that reflect those capabilities.

This graph and its code will only function in Dynamo versions able to run cPython3 and have external python packages installed (as it uses numpy)
(I have been playing around in Dynamo Core 2.10 in this instance.)

Enjoy :sunglasses:

Pointcloud Plane Detection using RANSAC.dyn (27.3 KB)

FYI @Daan

EDIT: I have just tweaked this so it works in IronPython with no package imports from numpy :sunglasses:
This coding thing is awesome! :metal: Its crazy how much the last 18 months of intense Dynamo development has improved my understanding of things.
Iโ€™ll post an example of this in action using some of the other Sastrugi nodes in Revit tomorrow as my software is being difficult just now.


Nice one kiwi :slight_smile:


Woah! Been following your posts for awhile. This one is really impressive and incredibly useful.

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Create polygon and surface after Point Cloud Plane Detection

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@Ewan_Opie could you share your new Python RANSAC Code which doesnt need NumPy?