Point cloud semantic segmentation supervised machine learning algorithms

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i would like to share Point cloud semantic segmentation supervised machine learning algorithms. here is the steps:
1- use pre train machin learning algorithms from
GitHub - isl-org/Open3D-ML: An extension of Open3D to address 3D Machine Learning tasks
i used

the point cloud prediction done by using colab.

import os
import open3d.ml as _ml3d
import open3d.ml.torch as ml3d

cfg_file = "ml3d/configs/randlanet_semantickitti.yml"
cfg = _ml3d.utils.Config.load_from_file(cfg_file)

model = ml3d.models.RandLANet(**cfg.model)
cfg.dataset['dataset_path'] = "/path/to/your/dataset"
dataset = ml3d.datasets.SemanticKITTI(cfg.dataset.pop('dataset_path', None), **cfg.dataset)
pipeline = ml3d.pipelines.SemanticSegmentation(model, dataset=dataset, device="gpu", **cfg.pipeline)

# download the weights.
ckpt_folder = "./logs/"
os.makedirs(ckpt_folder, exist_ok=True)
ckpt_path = ckpt_folder + "randlanet_semantickitti_202201071330utc.pth"
randlanet_url = "https://storage.googleapis.com/open3d-releases/model-zoo/randlanet_semantickitti_202201071330utc.pth"
if not os.path.exists(ckpt_path):
    cmd = "wget {} -O {}".format(randlanet_url, ckpt_path)

# load the parameters.

test_split = dataset.get_split("test")
data = test_split.get_data(0)

# run inference on a single example.
# returns dict with 'predict_labels' and 'predict_scores'.
result = pipeline.run_inference(data)

# evaluate performance on the test set; this will write logs to './logs'.
  1. the labeld point cloud open at Recap as shown in the below video.
    pointcloud Semantic Segmentation - YouTube

  2. also you can load the labeld point cloud into dynamo


Awesome! Will surely take a look at this

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