Problem when i try to run "Convert Point cloud to revit element mesh" with large point cloud file

I have a problem when i try to run the below example but with large point cloud file

translate error: “an error occurred and dynamo crashed. we ask for apology”

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My guess is that (Dynamo + Revit + CPython + Open3D + LargeDataSet) > the amount of RAM needed to process the model. Moving over to recap to preemptively clean the point clouds, or segment the points into smaller subsets is likely advisable. If you have a data set to share (just the point cloud file really) I can try and look into this later, but no promises as your Python code is quite specialized.

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14k points is large? I want to try that

@ruben.romero 14 k is not large. Also you can downsize the point cloud from recap when you export it to *.pts file

What fioe formats of point cloud can read Dynamo? I thought the point cloud link is RCP


Technically you can work with most formats if the standard is open, or if the authoring application has an accessible API. PTS is definitely the easiest to access though.


Thanks a lot for sharing the file.
Can you also share the pts file?
Is it possible to create a mesh with only a txt file containing x,y,z?

@rbasirat-wbi Mesh need also the vector. if you do not have vector in the pts file you can use Open3d to Vertex normal estimation