How to Change the Type Parameter "Workset" for a Linked Revit Model?

Some background information:

We are trying to create worksets from linked placeholder models for each discipline have Dynamo automatically assign the models to the workset created for each linked model.

So far, I can get Dynamo to create the worksets and I can get them to be assigned to the correct workset in the linked INSTANCE only under “Properties.” If I go to Edit Type for the Linked Revit Model, the value of the Workset parameter under Identity Data still will not change.

I have tried various nodes, selecting the links specifically, getting the linked instance, and using the Set Type Parameter. Nothing I seem to do works for accomplishing the task.

Can anyone help, please?

Thank you!

I just tested this using the Rhythm node “SetParameterByName(TypeOrInstance)” and it changes the the type and instance parameters for worksets on the selected link in one run. I have a second similar Rhythm node (not a custom node) which I think is OOTB now that does not change the type parameter unless augmented with Element.Type, also from Rhythm.

For faster answers, always include an image of your graph with your lists visible so we can see what you are doing.

Interesting. I had tried that Rhythm node yesterday and it was doing nothing. I tried it again today, per your suggestion, and it worked exactly as I wanted it to work.

Thank you for verifying that it is possible to do what I needed. The script runs perfect now.

Hi Archon please can you show me how you solved it by image I have same problem