Empty / Missing Nodes


There’s one workstation on our network that won’t run the following graph correctly. It generates a graph with empty / missing nodes (see screenshot). We are running Revit 2016 with Dynamo 1.3.2.
We’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling all versions of Dynamo and removing our AVAIL browser as suggested in these forum posts below along with all their other suggestions:

We are wondering if it is a graphics card issue.
Thank you for any guidance you can provide.

RemoveDetailBoundaryDuplicates.dyn (49.1 KB)

Unlikely it’s a graphics card issue - that’d be the geometry preview which would take the hit.

Likely it’s an add-in. Disable all add-ins on the system, then open Revit, Dynamo, and the graph.

If that doesn’t fix it we can brainstorm other fixes (a package perhaps?).

If it does fix it then start adding back the add-ins group by group until you find the culprit, and update that add-in or leave it uninstalled.

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I have only seen this personally on machines with bad installations of revit. ( I know others have reported other causes) but I might try a revit reinstall instead of dynamo only.

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Had a similar thing happening to me and got resolved while disabling the AVAIL Add In

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it turns out it was the keynote add-in. thanks!