Method : too many parameter to insert family

Hi there,
I want insert familly type in revit
So, i use
But i hav not Structural Type, don’t know how to do without that :confused:

Does anyone know that ?


Hi could you post some more information please? A test rvt and your dyn?

There are many reasons why it wouldn’t work. I believe if you define your Structural Type as so…

Using the possibililities here…

It should solve one issue :slight_smile:

Hope that helps,


I tried this


For some reason you have ignored my advice above?

If you want me to help properly, please provide a rvt and dyn.

You have fed Spaces into IN[3]? What did you hope that would do? :slight_smile:

Spaces are not a Member of the Structure enumeration in the link I gave you, only…


Rather that using an input I believe you can just put:


And that will (probably!) work :smiley:

The error message from the Python states that the List object has no attribute Structure. This sounds quite reasonable.

There may well be other issues :frowning:

Hope that’s useful,