Need Help with Creating Sheets Definition

Ok, so i have created this def and it has worked for some time now and now it doesn’t… the end result will be the same if i select the titleblock i want to use. But the point is to for it to be a 2 click dynamo. any thoughts would help?.. i think it has something to do with my Boolean mask but can’t figure out why it won’t work, since I have select the TB family I want to use.


Hi @ralvarado1

What does the error says?

Warning: One or more of the input types are not matching. Couldn’t find a version of ByNameNumberTitleBlockAndView that takes arguments of type (__array,__array,Revit.Elements.Family,Revit.Elements.Views.FloorPlanView)

Try the Family.Types node after your Title Block Family. It looks like you’re inputting a family, not a family type.

I’m not really sure where you’re asking to place that, but I placed it in a few different spots that made sense and didn’t get anywhere…

I can get it to work if I select it from “Family Type” pull down menu… but that’s not the point of this one. so I know the top half will work