Mesh from grasshopper by speckle

Hi, I am using Speckle to get data from grasshopper but it’s like mesh so I want to convert this mesh to geometry

I think there are two types of mesh in the dynamo world.
Try the “Springs.Mesh.ToToolkitMesh” or “Springs.ToolkitMeshToMesh” to convert from one to another vv. and give the node DirectShape.byMesh all the inputs it needs. In the Springs package there are more Mesh nodes.

I think you are right but the problem I have that it’s not defined as mesh it’s null

I tried it by this way but it’s worked just one time and after that outing an error @Marcel_Rijsmus

It worked once you should have it in Revit
please check
If its not there, restart Revit and try again, give it a Name, thats important too

yes, it’s worked well now thanks so much ^^