MergePDF Warning: Merge.MergePDFs operation failed. The document has no pages

please help, It does create a new file named combined, but it is empty

Hi @osayed643PD,

It is working for me. Maybe try to remove the FileSystem.FileName node ?

Hi Alban,

Sorry to bump this thread, but I believe i’m running into the same issue:

Do you have an idea what could cause this?


Are you printing in the same graph the PDF files ?
If yes, you need a Thread.Pause node to avoid merging pdf files not yet created.

Yeah, the script creates PDF’s in the same graph.
The passthrough node is waiting for the printPDF node to finish, doesnt that act as a Thread.pause?

I made an empty graph that attempts to merge existing PDF files, this also fails:

Well, I don’t know.
Maybe review PDF contents or check if there is any problematic character in filenames.

It is working on my side

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Hmm strange,

I’ll attach the dyn and PDFs if you or anyone wants to help trouble shoot…
I am unable to find the problem…

test1 - kopie - kopie.pdf (176.8 KB)
test1 - kopie - kopie.pdf (176.8 KB)
COMBINE.dyn (22.0 KB)
test1 - kopie - kopie - kopiecombined.pdf (15 Bytes)
test1 - kopie - kopie - kopie.pdf (176.8 KB)
test1 - kopie - kopie.pdf (176.8 KB)


It is working on my computer :

Well now im lost…

For your information, the test1 - kopie - kopie - kopiecombined.pdf file is corrupted.
I didn’t use it in my attempt.

That’s the PDF the Merge PDF node creates.

Im not sure what’s causing this. I thought maybe i can check inside the node and hope i can spot something like maybe there’s just something missing on my pc but I cant even seem to find the MergePDF node in the GeniusLoci dyf folder:


This node uses the itextsharp library and comes from a dll :

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