Print PDF (multiple formats) - Passthrough - Merge PDFs

Hi guys,
I don’t know if anyone had this problem before, I searched on this forum but I can’t find any solutions.
I’m trying to deal with batch print nodes (Genius Loci) to print multiple formats sheets and than merge them with the node Merge.MergePDFs. I used the node “Passthrough” to make the merge node run after printing. The problem is that it looks like the script runs successfully befor really printing all the sheets with the result that the merged PDF doesn’t have all the single sheets.
Has anyone else this problem? Is there a solution?

I attach a screenshot of the nodes.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @pparisi2QW6R,

The solution will be to add a Thread.Pause node to wait a certain amount of time before merging the created pdf.
Or even better check if the pdf files exist before merging them with the FileSystem.FileExists node.

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Hi @Alban_de_Chasteigner
thanks for the reply. I tried to check if the file exists before merging them using a the “If” node to create a boolean condition, but the result of the boolean was anyway incorrect for the same reasons described in the previous post. Was I missing something maybe?
I will try also the Thread.Pause node.

Thank you very much again