Merge / Combined PDF

Hi all,

I am sure I am doing something dumb here but I cannot figure it out. I am trying to merge several PDF’s into one PDF but it’s not working. I have tried Merge.MergePDFs from Geniusloci package and Print.MergePDF from the Orchid package. They both are saying and showing as they have worked but I cannot find the New PDF.

I do not have the Adobe print drives but I do have Bluebeam. Not sure if that helps at all.

Any help would be awesome,

Solved I messed up the file path. I forgot the final “\”

Told you it was something dumb.

J’ai une solution à votre problème. C’est une question très courante que tout le monde se pose. Je connais un outil gratuit en ligne dans lequel vous pouvez fusionner des fichiers pdf du même sujet, ajouter plusieurs images et les convertir sous n’importe quelle forme. Il est très facile de fusionner pdf dans cet outil, essayez-le une fois. Merci… :slight_smile:

From Google translate:
I have a solution to your problem. This is a very common question that everyone asks. I know of a free online tool where you can merge pdf files of the same subject, add multiple images, and convert them to any form. It is very easy to merge pdf in this tool, just try it once. Thank you…