Merge.MergePDFs error 'iTextSharp.text.PageSize' Genius Loci

Any idea how to fix this error?


Can you show your entire graph ?

CN_PDF_Combine_Desktop.dyn (12.4 KB)

The problem is that I can use this script but my colleague can’t and gets the error.

The problem here could be that you have different packages or different versions of those packages on two computers. I could also be different dynamo versions or even differen Revit versions.

Best practise for the Packages part of this assumption (which is the mother of all f**ups, i know :)) is to install all packages on a network drive, delete all local packages and use Manage Node and Package Paths in Settings to add a path to where your packages are on the network, so you both use the same.

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There could be numerous reasons :

Does your colleague have a G driver on his computer like in the graph ?
Can he reinstall/update the package ?
Can he do a test with 2 pdf A4 and check if there is still an exception?

Dynamo Core was not the same.

Thank you!

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