Merge/split alignments


Does anyone have any idea how to merge two or more alignments in Dynamo?
Is it possible to create an empty alignement and then copy/paste all subentities from the alignements we want to merge?

Thanks for your help/ideas

Hi @bertrand.savarit,

Something like this? I’m only covering line and arc subentities in this example, but you could expand it to include spirals if you need.

MergeAlignments.dyn (45.2 KB)


Exactly! but for the spiral as we have to identify the previous entity in the alignement i’m facing the problem i described in my post here :

hi @mzjensen
How can we split an alignment into two ?

Awesome graph. I was looking for the exact thing. Thanks.
One question: is there a way to consider in the merged alignment the station equation definition in one of the alignments? I have one alignment with several station equations and I’m trying to join another alignment at the end. Thank you again sir.

I’m sure there is, but I have not attempted something like that.