Create C3D at Alignment Geometry points

New to Dynamo (and conducting a class at AU in November on it). I’m attempting to automate the creation of a table inside civil 3d that will show Alignment Start/End, Geometry points and their association Station, Northing and Easting.

I’ve got the alignment geometry stations and northing/eastings figured out, but I cannot seem to find anything to automate “Creating Table” inside of Civil 3D that displays all this information.

Do I need to export that information to an excel file, then import it as a table? Some direction is appreciated.

@SMorykin That’s a good way to go! at the moment there are no tables command exposed through Dynamo for AutoCAD/ Civil 3D.The other option would be through Python programming but as you said there is no need for that.

@Paolo_Emilio_Serra1 - Thanks Paolo! I want to keep my hands-on lab as close to OOTB Nodes as possible. I have a completed script, I’m happy to share with all of you on the chance you have some time to review my organization methods and methodology on node usage?

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Sure thing

I still have some cleanup to do with the information that gets pushed to the excel file, and formatting the excel file… but this is what I have so farAlgnGeomTable.dyn|attachment (59.7 KB)