Create an alignement within Dynamo


I am working on a script that create an alignement depending of the geometry of a “master” alignement.
My question is the following :
In Civil 3D i can easily create a free spiral curve spiral between two lines that are not secant.

In Dynamo i can create my different straight lines but then just my first line is recognised as an entity of my alignement so i can not define the previous and next entity in my free spiralcurvespiral node

I found a workaround but it is not really satisfying : first i create my straight lines geometry in Dynamo then i extend them (with a fixed value so it doesn’t cover every geometrical cases that’s what i dislike in this workaround), i find the intersection points between each lines and then create my fixed lines in my alignement with these points so that my elements are touching each other and are recognized as entities…

If you have any ideas !


Any idea @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1?