Dividing an alignment in civil 3D

Hello everyone is there any way we can split the alignments in civil 3d ? Using Dynamo

Hi @ahmadkhalaf7892
If you tried to split manually not accept
it Do you have a picture of what you want

Phase 4 alignment.dwg (752.9 KB)
Hello Hosney
I have this long Alignment and I want to divide it into several parts . I have tried manually but then I would have to add the profile again and Its not available.

At first glance this seems like a fairly straightforward task. But there are a lot of loose ends and edge cases that have to be considered when trying to implement something like this because Alignments can be referenced in so many ways. For example, what should happen in the following cases?

  • Alignment has a Corridor
  • Pipe Network parts have a reference Alignment assigned
  • Alignment has labels
  • Other labels have Alignment data in reference text
  • Alignment has Profiles and Profile Views
  • Offset Alignments reference the Alignment
  • Connected Alignments reference the Alignment
  • Alignment has Sample Lines (and associated Section Views)
  • Alignment has line/curve tables

And there are probably more. That’s why there isn’t an “easy button” for this yet.