Combine multiple selected sheets

Is there a way to use the “combine multiple selected views/sheets…” option when printing through Dynamo?

You may be able to find a setting in your PDF printer.
I use PDFCreator and it has that setting.

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Thanks Marcel, but I’m using Adobe PDF (which doesn’t combine). I do have a dynamo script that merges PDFs after individual ones are made. I was just wondering if this could be done with Revit’s combine feature.

Hi Tim,
Check the GeniusLoci package i think it has some nodes for combining pdf’s

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It is possible to print and combine at the same time with the API, provided that the print formats (print settings) of the different pages are identical.
So I chose to leave this option aside and add a Merge.Pdfs node to focus on multi-format printing, which saves more time.


The Merge.PDFs node works great. But, I’d still like to try the combine feature. Is there a node, that supports/uses it? Thanks for your help!