MEPover Pipe.ByLines Units

Hi, i’m Working on dynamo, and i’ve made a routine in order to place pipes using the node Pipe.ByLines from MEPover.
The problem that i found in this routine is that the node work in milimeters, and I use as Input meters, so the pipe is being scaled. if i tried to convert the imput to milimeters, i get out of the geometry range of dynamo, because i’m working georeferencing the pipes, and the are placed in coordinates like 70.000East 7.000.000 North.
Is there any way to make Pipe.ByLines work on meters? Or any idea about how to solve this problem?
Thanks a lot.

Have You tried the highest choosable option - “Extra Large” - in the Settings/Geometry Scaling?

yes i tried that, when i work on meters, there is no problem, but in milimeters (1000 times bigger) it gets out of range (even in Extra Large)

Fact: I hate mm as a unit of building construction. Same with inches… but that isn’t something this forum is ever going to fix…

On thing you could try is creating your objects at a distance closer to the origin - say remove three or six 0s from the values by dividing every number by 1000 or 1000000, and then try to move it after it is created by running a second graph at the larger scale.

Or maybe just divide the input that expects MM values by 1000 to convert it.

i’ve tried removing 0s and then moving the distance but revit only allows me to move 9800mts, so i have to repeat the moving comand like 150 times. Maybe i can remove ceros and use a routine that repeats the moving command, but i must learn how to.

Hello everyone!
We have meter coordinates from civil3D report and we’re trying to figure it out how to convert them to make the node working. Do you guys have any suggestions?

Thank you