MEPover Pipe.ByLines not working

Hello to all in the forum.
Just wanted to question if anybody else is retrieving error message with the node Pipe.ByLines from package MEPover.
I tried during the last days to make a script to transform CAD lines from a link in revit into pipes following steps founded in other treads in the forum.
Everything seems to work fine, also from the final node I see the pipes should have been created but when I link the last node (output lines) to the one that creates the pipes, I get an error message that “Revit has experienced an unexpected error. The operation has been cancelled to protect your project from corruption.” that ends to no geometry created…
tried to find analog topic in the forum but didn’t found much. Any suggestion/idea on how to solve it?
Thanks in advance

Can you share a screenshot with your whole graph visible and the node preview bubbles on?

Hi @Nick_Boyts, probably I found already a solution, even if I cannot understand much the reason behind.
I open the node and it said it has been developed in IronPython2, that should be superseded language, therefore I changed to IronPython3 version but then I got “null” results. When I switched back the node to IronPython2 again, it worked without any message and creates the pipes. But again, cannot understand the reason.

Odd. The Python version shouldn’t make a difference. IronPython2 is still valid, it’s just being phased out for CPython3. I could understand if maybe you were missing some of the IronPython2 libraries, but converting back wouldn’t have fixed that. Oh well. It’s working now!

You can try with Open MEP