MEP modeling from detail lines

Hi everyone, I was trying to develop a script for modeling of duct and pipes from detail lines in revit. But my system is hanging as soon as I run the script. Can anyone help me out in this.

Not quite sure why that isn’t working but I’m not familiar with this node. What package is it from?
I would say that I’d advise switching to Manual mode instead of Automatic to have more control over things.

The package is MEPover

If you can supply your .dyn (in the future) that could save someone some time.
No we have to make a guess from an image. At least i have to.

Maybe this helps :point_down:.

It works for me.

is there a particular reason you’re doing this?

if you want to draw duct and pipe, just do that (?)
if you want to do quick layouts with a simplified representation of duct and pipe, use Pipe Placeholders.

not trying to be too negative, but this seems like a lot of work for something that revit might already do.

Do you have something selected in your Revit document or a dialog box open somewhere? Dynamo can’t run while Revit has an open transaction.