Looking for automatic cad to revit pipes script

Dear Sirs,
Greetings from a new revit recruit.

I am looking for a script (is that what it’s called?) to automatically create pipes from a linked DWG/CAD. I have searched around for a few days but could not find any such script here or through google. If there’s such a script and/or a location where I can look for them, please suggest.


This is a much more complicated problem than you might think. You can look into the MEPover package which contains a lot of elements for creating MEP elements, but you will probably have to build a dynamo graph from scratch.

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hi there. thanks for your reply. is it possible to:

  1. read a layer from a cad file where lines are drawn?
  2. then create pipes of a specific dimension and at specific elevations from the data?

because then I can think of reducing piping a lot.
otherwise how do people do huge amount of piping (for example Fire Water Pipes) in a fast fashion?

As far as getting the data from the CAD imports, you can check out Bimorph Nodes. As for the specific strategy, it’s hard to give a direction without knowing what the CAD files look like themselves. If they are 2D plan drawings with elevation marks and annotations showing the size of the pipes themsleves, it will be difficult to programmatically associate that data to the curves themselves.