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I’m new to Dynamo and I would really appreciate if somebody can help me with what I am trying to do. I am trying to export to Excel data from Mechanical Equipment (A - Mech Equip to Excel Graph.png), but I am getting different or missing data on the resulting Excel file (B - Mech Equip Excel Table.png) than the data the Mechanical Equipment shows in Revit (C - Mech Equip Revit Schedule.png). Please see the images attached

I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I hope somebody can help me to understand why this is happening.

Thank you in advance.

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Hello Again,

I am sorry for this auto-reply, but I got an error when trying to add the other two images that explain my problem and I decided to try to add them this way. I hope is ok.

If it’s in a schedule you can just do this:

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Could you be more specific what data you would lik to have so we can help you better,


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Thank you both for your help. I really appreciate it.

I would like to get the same information on the excel table as the information shown on the schedule and family’s parameters when you select a family.

For instance:

Family = Only the name of the family (Please see schedule image)
Type = Only the type description (Please see schedule image)
Level = Level 1 (Only the level name)
Manufacturer = ACME (In this case it doesn’t exports anything)

The same graph works well with Rooms and Sheets, but for some reason with Mechanical Equipment exports more data or not data at all for some parameters such as Manufacturer.

I hope this provides more clarity to my problem and what I am trying to achieve.

Thank you

You could also try this:

then load the export in excel

Do you item every entry on purpes orde would you wan tot stack tem and cound?

Thank you for the option Spartan.

The only difficulty I see with the option that you propose is that I won’t be able to import back to Revit the changes you make to the data.

The graph I added to my post plus the section to import back the data from the resulting excel table works super well with Sheets and Rooms, but for some reason when you use other categories such as Mechanical Equipment or Pipe Accessories the data exported includes more data than expected or not data at all for some parameters. This is what I am having problems to understand why.

Thank you

Oeps my bad :sweat_smile:

Manby this can help:

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Thank you Spartan.