Maximum Volume of Cylinder inside a Sphere

Just for fun, I want to solve this classical math geometry problem to find the cylinder (r and h) whose volume will be maximum inside a sphere of a particular radius (R = 50).

How do I approach this problem in Dynamo without taking the help of mathematical formulas?


@theshysnail it could be done with lesser nodes :slight_smile: :

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Seems like a good exercise for Generative Design.


So the accuracy would depend upon the number of planes?

Yeah, Iā€™m going to try this.


Perhaps Curve. ByIsoCurveOnSurface can simplify the run time some.

The one input would be with a number slider from 0.01 to 0.49 with a step value of 0.01, feeding into a code block along the lines of [a,1-a]; and feeding that into the parameter value of the Curve.ByIsocurveOnSurface node (leaving the direction at 0). You can then create a solid by lofting between the two circles, and pull the area of the solid as the optimized outcome.

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